A digital camera is a camera that takes video or still photographs, or both, digitally by
recording images via an electronic image sensor. It is the main device used in the field of digital photography...Once a picture has been taken, it can be downloaded to a computer system, and
then manipulated with a graphics program and printed. Unlike film photographs, which have an
almost infinite resolution, digital photos are limited by the amount of memory in the camera, the
optical resolution of the digitizing mechanism, and, finally, by the resolution of the final output device.
                 The big advantage of digital cameras is that making photos is both inexpensive and fast because
there is no film processing. Interestingly, one of the biggest boosters of digital photography is
Kodak, the largest producer of film. Kodak developed the Kodak Photo CD format, which has become the de facto standard for storing digital photographs.
                  Digital cameras can offer well to excellent image resolution. You get superior image quality.
You get a fair price. A digital camera is reasonably priced and is affordable. You can print in large sizes. Due to its high resolution, pictures can be printed in large sizes by any plotter. You can store the images in CDs or hard disk. Once the pictures are transferred from digital camera to the computer, permanent storage on a CD or hard disk is possible. You can take the camera in your pocket while you travel. The small size of the digital camera makes traveling with it easy and a pleasure.

A Digital Camera


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