The steep cliff of fort Kondana seemed insurmountable to Tanaji, Shivaji's general. He used an Iguana, which when thrown up, stuck to the rocky surface. It proved stronger than any peg for the rope, which was used for climbing.
        Finding it difficult to face the mighty Mughal army, Shivaji, and later Chhatrasal, enlisted the support of animals. pieces of cloth were tied to the horns of bulls and buffaloes. When these were set ablaze, the Mughals charged in the direction, hoping to inflict a crushing defeat on the enemy, who attacked from behind.
       According to Col.Tod and some other historians, Babur pressed into service hundreds of cows at the battle of Khanua, against Sangram Singh. The superstitious Rajputs were afraid of hurting the cows, who formed the front column and were soon overtaken.

A Picture Of Shivaji


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