Children, the world over, love to celebrate their birthdays. It is a day when one is usually pampered. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous ways. The most common type of celebration is to cut a cake and hold a feast afterwards. The cutting of the cake is usually accompanied by the most well-known song, 'Happy Birthday To You!' This song was written by two girls in Kentucky, USA, in 1893.
                        In India, the elders of the family gather to bless the birthday boy or girl with an aarti. An aarti is a ritual during which a tray containing lighted lamps is moved in front of a person. Rice grains symbolising prosperity are also sprinkled on the person.
                        Balloons were first introduced in the USA at birthday parties. Over the years, this practice became common in most parts of the world. A variety of sweets, cakes and pasteries is also a must.
                         In China, birthday boys and girls are usually fed noodles because long noodles signify a long life. Older Chinese celebrate birthday's once in ten years. Several Asian and African people do not celebrate birthdays at all.
                         Like India, Germany too observes children's day. It is called 'Kinderfest'. Children are given gifts and chocolates on that day.
                        In England a big drum would be filled with gifts and toys and everyone invited to the birthday would dip their hands in it and take away whatever they managed to pick up. In Korea, the future of a child is determined by the item he chooses from a number of items kept on a table.
                         The Japanese usually gift a kite to a child who has reached the age of 13. New Year's day in Bhutan is observed as the birthday of all Bhutanese citizens.

A Birthday Cake


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