Cellular phone service, like the normal telephone, is a verbal communication system between parties located far away from each other. However, unlike a normal telephone where communication is possible only between fixed locations, i.e. locations where the telephone instruments are installed, cellular phones allow parties to communicate to and from wherever they are. This is made possible by use of only electromagnetic waves (which do not need any medium to flow through), aided by a communication satellite.
              When you dial a number in your set, it generates an electromagnetic wave of a particular frequency which is picked up, magnified and further transmitted by the local control centre. This transmission is reflected by the satellite to various locations and is received by the called party, who is coded (tuned) to that particular frequency through its respective control centre. The same route is followed when the conversation is on.
              You can easily perceive the enormous advantage of the cellular phone offer. Suppose, on your way to school you suddenly remember that you have an extra lecture and would miss your school bus in the evening. So you want to inform your father to pick you up from school. You need not have to go to a public booth and thus arrive late to school. You just pick up your cellular phone set and dial your father on his cellular phone number. He may also be on his way to his office. He gets the ring (beep) wherever he is and then you talk to each other while both of you are on the move.

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