All day long our muscles are used as we do different types of work. The energy comes from A.T.P or Adenosine Triphosphate which gets converted into lactic acid. This must be removed constantly to allow the muscles to function. There are also other chemicals collectively called fatigue toxins which go round the body in the blood. So not only does your hand feel tired after you've been using it for a long while, your entire body including the brain experiences fatigue.
                             Rest is the best cure for fatigue. However a change in activity can also refresh you. You can rest by doing something different e.g. go for a walk, play a game, or sing. Activity increases the respiration, improves blood circulation and makes the glands more active and the toxins are removed faster from the tired parts of the body. However if you are extremely fatigued you will find yourself dropping off to sleep even if you try to do something else.

A Tired Person



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