Can you stop after eating just one crisp, crunchy potato chip? No, impossible! For no one can resist potato chips! How they came into being makes an interesting story.

Sometime in 1885, a chef in a New York resturant created this delicacy, accidentally and in a fit of anger. One evening a patron kept insisting that the fried potatoes were neither thin nor crisp enough. In a rage, the chef dropped the paper-thin slices of potato into the nearest pail of ice water. He forgot all about these until another customer asked for them. Hurriedly, he took the chips out from the pail and threw them into a pan of boiling oil. To his astonishment the fried, salted chips were greatly relished. This was how one of the world's favourite snacks were born.

Potatoes were brought to India by the Portuguese in the early 17th century. They started potato cultivation along the west coast where they were called Batata. The British also introduced potatoes to Bengal where they were known as Alu. Now potatoes are cultivated throughout India. Although full of starch, the potato contains protein and vitamin C. Contrary to popular belief, the potato is non-fattering and low in calories. However, vitamin C is lost when potatoes are deep-fried to make potato chips.

Potato Chips


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