The history of robots has its roots as far back as ancient myths and legends. Modern concept were begun to be developed when the industrial revolution allowed the use of more complex mechanics and the subsequent introduction of electricity made it possible to power machines with small compact motors.

There are many types of robots some of them are Mobile Robots, Rolling Robots, Remote control Robots, Virtual Robots and Beam robots. Beam Robots looks remarkably like insects. Insects are easy to build in mechanical form and their limited behavior can also be programmed easily. A virtual robot does not exist in real life they are just the computer programs. Remote control robots are used in complex tasks they are controlled by remote.

Robots have revolutionized the modern world and are now used in almost every field from medicine factory to the space they are in use everywhere and lot of work is going on in the field of robotics because future belongs to the robots as the time passes robots are becoming more powerful, intelligent and small.

A Robot


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