Roses existed long before man- 35 to 70 million years ago. Roses originated in China and India. In the course of the centuries, man and bird took them to every part of the temperate world.
Cultivated for their beautiful, fragrant flowers, there are over 250 species of the rose. The broad groups are: Hybrid Tea Roses, Floribunda Roses, Ramblers, Climbers and Miniatures.
                       Hybrid tea roses are found in delicate colours. Long in bud and sweet-smelling. They grow either singly or in twos and threes. Floribundas bloom in clusters and flower profousely. Climbers are grown to cover walls and fences. Although they grow slowly, they live longer. The flower are individual and bloom in summer. Ramblers have a heavy crop of small flowers which grow in clusters. Miniature roses are very small and ideal for rock gardens and window boxes.
                      Rosebushes have seeds which are formed in little fruits called rosehips. Rosehips contain ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and are used to make syrup. Most rosebushes however, are raised by cutting or budding. Rosebushes have to be pruned periodically. The weak or dead shoots must be removed.
                      Roses are also cultivated for the manufacture of "Attar", an oil used in perfumes. Over 2000 rose flowers have to be distilled to yield just 1 gram of oil! It is said that Noor Jahan's mother brought this art with her to india.

The Rose


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