Saturn is a planet of breath-taking beauty. It's unique and amazing feature of rings, makes it the most beautiful planet in our solar system. These rings, thousands of kilometres across, but hardly 15 km. Thick, are not solid: they are made up of rocks, dust and ice pieces of all sizes.
                                       Some scientists say that the ring are remains of an ancient moon that blew up when it came too close to Saturn. Unlike Jupiter, which has fascinating surface features, Saturn is a remarakably featureless planet. Except for a few bands, you cannot see too many surface details. Saturn is a planet of violent storms. Winds blow at the incredible speed of 1700 km. per hour.
                                       Though it is 95 times heavier than earth, Saturn's density is so low that it would easily float in an ocean of water! Saturn is not round. it is oblate: it's polar diameter is less by 12,500 km. than it's equatorial diameter.
                                       Of Saturn's twenty moons (scientists believe there may be many more), Titan is the most interesting. From it's blue sky, you can tell that Titan has a fairly thick atmosphere. The voyager spacecraft has found chemical substances which could possibly give rise to life on Titan. Scientists feel that when man learns how to colonise other worlds, Titan will be one of his first colonies, because, except for it's low temperature, it has most of the wherewithal to support our kind of life.



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