Solar energy is a term for describing a range of methods for obtaining energy from the sun. Many people immediately think about solar panels when hearing solar energy but wind, biomass and hydro power are all forms of solar energy.

The production of oxygen and food is impossible without solar energy. Abundant supply of sunlight is highly beneficial for the farmers. When compared to other forms of energies, solar energy is friendlier for the environment. It is a resource that is renewable and at present, we are using less than 0.1% energy from sunlight to meet our heating, transportation and power needs. It is however possible to meet all our energy needs with this cheap, renewable resource.

There are two types of solar energy- active solar energy and passive solar energy. Active solar energy is taken from sunlight by using some active systems. Passive solar energy is beneficial in converting the heat without using any other energy sources.

Solar energy is successfully being used for cooking, cooling, heating, communications, driving space craft, lighting and many more purposes. Even fossil fuels are forms of stored solar energy. On average, solar energy demand has grown 30% annually in the past 15 years. Solar energy is becoming more and more popular for reasons of cost, climate change and global legislation and pressure.


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