In 1938, the steam locomotive known as 'The Mallard' established an as yet unbroken world record for steam engines when it touched the amazing speed of 203 km per hour. With this feat, the foundations of super-fast rail travel were firmly laid.
                          Soon in 1955, the French national railways set up a new world record of an incredible 330 km per hour with the electric train. The railways of the world are about to enter a new era of super-super fast trains.
                           So far, the fastest speed achieved on rails is by the unmanned, American rocket trains. Although these trains are used to test parts of aeroplanes and spaceships, they have been known to attain the mind-boggling speed of 5000 km per hour. If you are observant, you will have noticed that the trains of the future will have no use for wheels. For the first time in history of rail travel, the wheel is being done away with! But isn't it interesting to note that the rails will still remain for a long, long time to come.

A Rocket Train


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