Whale is any of the larger marine mammals of the order Cetacea, especially as distinguished from the smaller dolphins and porpoises, having a fishlike body, forelimbs modified into
flippers, and a head that is horizontally flattened.
                            The hunting of whales began in prehistoric times dating back to about 6 000 BC. It
began with organized fleets in the 17th century, competitive national whaling industries in the
18th and 19th centuries, to the introduction of factory ships and the introduction of the concept
of whale ‘harvesting’ in the 20th century. Whale is franticly chased across the seas for hours
and then shot with a harpoon grenade. This grenade tipped harpoon explodes inflicting severe
pain. The fortunate ones die from the shock and exertion of the chase alone. Once embedded
inside the whale the grenade explodes causing massive trauma and internal bleeding from
lacerations, this results in agonizing pain and suffering. In addition shockwaves from the blast
cause neurotrauma, that is brain and spinal chord damage which is meant to kill the whale with
in 2 minutes.
                             13 million people enjoyed whale watching in 119 countries resulting in more than $2
billion in expenditure. It proves that whale watching is an internationally dynamic industry
that is not only offers significant commercial benefits for local communities, creating jobs and
new businesses but also offers a terrific opportunity to educate the public about whales and the
marine environment.

A Whale


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