While we share the five senses (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste and Smell) with most other creatures, There are a few birds, animals and fish that possess senses other than these.
           The Pit Viper, one of the most poisonous snakes on earth, Has a very poor eyesight. Yet even on the darkest of nights, it can locate its prey while it is several metres away and pounce on it with speed and accuracy. How does it do it? Just below its eyes, The Pit Viper has recesses, or "pits", from which it gets its name. These pits act as a special sense organ. They can only detect heat. So how does this "pits" work?
           The pits are able to detect differences in temperature. Now you know that all mammals like mice, rabbits, squirrels (which the vipers gobble up with great relish) are warm blodded creatures. The temperature of their bodies is higher than that of the surroundings, and thus the "pits" detect this difference and help the viper get at its prey. The "pits" probably perceive a mouse or a rabbit as a red ball against the cold blue surroundings.

Pit Viper


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