In our towns and cities we often see the Bandarwala and his performing monkey. Look carefully, and you will see that this monkey has orange-red fur on his rump and a bright red face. It is the Red Monkey or The Rhesus Monkey. Rhesus Monkeys live in the himalayas, In Assam and in central India. Before people hunted them out, they used to also live in south India. Outside India, Rhesus monkeys live in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal and in the South-Eastern part of China.
                  The Rhesus can easily live in different kinds of habitats - In forests, in swamps, and even among people in villages. They eat many kind of wild foods plus cooked food like chappatis and fried snacks that people like to share with them. When they live near fields they steal rice, wheat, jowar, chana, tamarind and mangoes and when the habitat is difficult, Rhesus are quick to adapt. West of the Ganga, Rhesus have grown to love Algae, bitter Neem and even Crabs!
                  They are very interesting monkeys and many people like to watch them, study them and watch their ways. The Rhesus also help man understand a lot of diseases like Polio, Heart troubles, Viral diseases and Blood disorders.
                  So, this tough, intellegent red monkey is not just a survivor. He has also helped solve many of man's troubles.

The Rhesus Monkey


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