Clouds are made up of millions of tiny droplets of water, which are formed when moist warm
air rises up into the sky and is then cooled down. The water that makes clouds comes from the earth. Clouds make rain and rain falls down on the ground. Black clouds make snow or rain.
               Clouds can make rain and they can make thunderstorms and they can make beautiful pictures. Sometimes clouds look like they are sheets floating in the air, or sometimes they look like big fluffy ice-cream cones. The role of clouds in regulating Earth's temperature and climate has still not been fully understood by scientists.
                Cirrus clouds are made up of ice droplets and look like thin, wispy streaks or curls. They are the
highest clouds in the sky and usually bring a change of weather. Cumulus clouds are the ones that look like fluffy balls of cotton, or scoops of ice-cream all piled up. These clouds indicate fair weather is coming. Stratus clouds are clouds that look like great sheets pulled across the sky. These are the type of clouds that are closest to the ground and may bring rain or drizzle. Most clouds are named for their shapes. Clouds form when warm, moist air hits cold air.



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